The Passage 1 presents cosmological argument in the simplest format. It attempts to prove Godís existence by questioning the origin, the beginning, or the point where things come about to exist. The first premise of the argument boldly states that all events require a cause. Surely if it did not require a cause, explanation for god would not be necessary. The second premise further adds to say that the caused-cause or caused-event will in return, affect next series of other events, and this will go on to infinity. However, the concept of infinity only means that there is no real first cause, no origin, or perhaps no beginning to this world at all. This phenomenon can be compared to a model of domino. If there are infinite numbers of domino pieces toppling one after another, this implies that there is no finite beginning. Surely, it is evident that there must be a beginning, the one piece that began the chain of domino.
The third premise clarifies the questionable doubts about the concept of infinity by stating that there is in fact, a first cause, which itself is self-caused to exist. Since, it makes logical sense for a finite beginning to exist there must be a cause, which began the chain of other causes. The first cause is said to be non-contingent, independent and powerful enough to bring itself into existence. The argument concludes that this first uncaused-cause is God. It is the origin, the beginning and the initiator of our world.

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