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    present perfect continious vs past simple

    1)" I've been reading this dialog." 2)"Somehow I didn't memorize it."

    The first part no doubt. The second one refers to a point in the past.
    What if there was a single speaker, but he would say these two in a row?
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    Re: present perfect continious vs past simple

    I can`t understand what you mean. Do you want to know why there is a change in tense? If you asked me, I would rather respect the Perfect Tense than use Past Simple. Anyhow, I believe it is possible, in a colloquial way, to think the first sentence as a point in time and, so, proceed with the use of Past Simple.

    I`m not a teacher. Thus, I will take in consideration and than every correction if I am wrong.

    Constantly learning...

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