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    Need advice on how to give a speech, thanks teachers

    Hello teachers,

    As I have been asked to be the MC of my school's graduation ceremony, I am wondering if the following speech is correct. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks, teachers.

    We are very honoured to have Ms Helen Woods, mother of Fiona Woods from Year 4C to share with us her speech of gratitude.

    2. Now, we have Tony Blair from 6A to represent the P.6 graduates to give a vote of thanks.

    Please check for me, teachers. Many thanks from Help Wanted
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    Re: Need advice on how to give a speech, thanks teachers

    I'd say 'speech of thanks', not 'gratitude', and I'd say something like 'who has kindly agreed to say a few words' or'kindly agreed to make a speech of thanks'.

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