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    We could argue in front of our lockers all dramatically

    I closed my eyes. “What else would we do if we were regular teenagers?”

    “Hmm . . . let’s see. Well, first of all, I’d need to get some kind of job so I could afford to take you on these completely normal dates. Maybe I could stock groceries somewhere.”

    The image of Archer in a blue apron, putting boxes of Nilla Wafers on a shelf at Walmart was too bizarre to even contemplate, but I went along with it. “We could argue in front of our lockers all dramatically,” I said. “That’s something I saw a lot at human high schools.”

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    Re: We could argue in front of our lockers all dramatically

    Are you asking for the definition of "locker"? You can see some at the following website: Locker, School Lockers, Gym Lockers, Sports Lockers, Employee Lockers, Stadium Lockers

    There are permanent lockers (assigned for a year) and temporary lockers (used during a class). The typical student in high school had two large permanent lockers. In a large permanent locker, I kept s jacket, the lunch I may have from home, books I did not need for my next class or two, extra pens and paper, etc. For the gym or physical education classes, I recall having a very small permanent locker that was also assigned to me for the school year. In it I kept the clothing and shoes I needed for the class, toilet articles, etc. During the class, I would remove everything from the small locker, change into the gym clothing/shoes, and then leave ALL my school clothing and shoes in a temporary large locker that would be mine only until the end of the class (which lasted about an hour). After the class, I would shower, change back into my school clothing/shoes, and replace everything in my small locker.

    Since the large lockers for books are usually located in hallways, students are constantly using them, talking to other students nearby, etc.

    Does that help?

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