Hello, please could you help me with my erasmus cover letter, its gonna help me a lot!! is it corect?

Motivation Letter
Dear Mr.,
Im applying for the Erasmus program for the second semester 2010/2011 on ISCTE Business School in Lisbon. Im currently studying the 5th year of Economic & Management at the Czech University of Life Sciencies in Prague.

Having the opportunity to attend the ISCTEs program - Master of Science in Marketing looks like a great chance and challenge for me. It is the chance how to explore and identify ways of improving myself. I believe that visiting a new country, meeting new people and discovering new experiences is the best, you can do. It is not only about the improving my English skills or getting better in my studies. I wish, that this program open up to me new horizonts and levels useful for my future, not only professional life.
My master thesis is the next important thing, why i want to study at Lisboa business university. The theme of my thesis is Statistical evaluation of promotional activities of Prague zoo garden. It is going to be awesome and interesting to include portugal main zoo garden to my work. I would like to make an international comparison of Lisboa zoo and Prague zoo garden, to see and explain differences between their marketing strategies and internacional context.
I am confident that with my strong motivation and my personality, I will be a great part of your multicultural students team and represent Czech university of Life Sciencies in Prague, very well.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future regarding the success of my

Yours sincerely,