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    american and british intonation...

    Hi, what's the difference between american and british english in terms of intonation, pronunciation and accent? What do you think is more easier to follow by the people from the south east asia.


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    Re: american and british intonation...

    It depends a lot on what your used to. From what I know of the area, there seemed to be more American than British English, so that will probably be easier. (BTW, I'm British)

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    Re: american and british intonation...

    Tdol gave you good advice.

    There are differences in spelling, pronunciation, and phrases.

    try to learn the style English you have the greatest access to.

    In the us, we have trucks. In England they have lorries.

    The front of a car is a bonnet in England, but a hood in the USA. Also, hood is a slang for a person who is a petty criminal.

    Try to be consistent until you are able to notice the differences.

    My wife and I have taught a lot of Asians in the US. My wife learned Britich English in her native country of Ukraine because all the teachers there had learned British English. After 5 years in the US, she still uses British pronunciation.

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