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    would you be happy

    Hi there,

    "were you to join the committee, we would be happy.'
    "would you be jealous if you were here."
    I would like to know if these two ways of using the second conditional are correct.
    I mean the use of were you to..
    and inverted position of would.
    Thank you

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    Re: would you be happy

    The simple answer is: yes

    The were you to join construction strikes me as a little formal/old-fashioned, but is still acceptable.

    Slightly less stuffy would be: If you were to join.

    I suspect that most people today would say: If you joined.

    If you would join is also possible. For some AmE speakers this is a simple alternative to: If you joined. For others, and for many BrE speakers, this construction would imply: If you were willing to join.

    In your second example, the would you be construction is possible only if you are asking a question - and you therefore need a question mark at the end of the written version.

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