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    Smile must be hard answering all this nonsense!

    Hi, everyone!
    I've been told that starting a sentence with a gerund is a good idea.
    And it is also wise to end a sentence with an infinitive as in:
    1. Posting and sharing thoughts is always welcome.
    1-1. *To post and share thoughts is always welcome.
    2. It is always welcome to post and share your thoughts.
    2-1. *It is always welcome posting and sharing your thoughts.

    Recently, however, it came to my attention that people use gerunds as readily as infinitives to end sentences as in:
    3. It must be hard answering all this nonsense.
    4. It must be hard to answer all this nonsense.

    I think that sentence 3 has someone actually answering all this nonsense while sentence 4 talks about potential, generic, rule of thumb kind of thing. Am I getting them right? Thanks in advance!
    Feel free to correct my sentences. I welcome them, not resent them!

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    Re: must be hard answering all this nonsense!

    I think your thought is quite true :) As I can see in my country, both of the mentioned sentences are used widely, but students use the second one much more :D

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