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In some countries, people who commit less serious crimes are made to undertake community service* instead of a prison sentence. Some people believe that all people who have committed a crime should be sent to prison.
Do you agree or disagree?

Over the past few years the crime rate has increased tremendously all over the world. In some places, criminal defendants are subjected to community service instead of a putting behind the bars. It is agreed that all those who commit an offence should be jailed. If the convict is left open in the community, there are chances that they repeat the crime and they may also form groups to influence other people in the community. These areas will be analyzed in the essay.

Firstly, it is important to know whether the crime was intentional or unintentional. In either the case, the suspect should be imprisoned. After monitoring their attitude in the prison for a certain time period they can be advised to do the community service. For example, if a felon left open in the community just because the offense was not very serious or did not harm anyone; next time when he plans for any illegal act, he might tend to injure or even kill people, an unacceptable offense. Thus, criminals should be convicted till their behaviour is completely acceptable by the society.

Secondly, there are chances that one bad person in the society can spoil few others. For instance, a culprit who has been left open to the community might not feel as being punished and tend to perform the more serious offense by forming small groups. As many people tend to get attracted to illegal and easy ways of earning money, they will join the leader. Thus, many people in the society will be influenced by the criminal.

In the nutshell, irrespective of the reason of the offence; the punishment should be generalized. Although there are many ways of punishing the criminal, it is generally agreed that the criminals should be imprisoned. This is because the criminal may perform the crime again by themselves or may even influence other people living in the society.