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    Dear Sir
    I would like to ask you a question about passive and how to change the sentence from passive to active. It's right or wrong if the sentence like this
    - They have sold All the tickets.
    1, All the tickets have been sold or 2, The tickets have been sold all.
    Which one of the passive sentences above is correct?
    I'm looking forward to seeing it and Thank for your anwser!

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    Re: student

    With the passive, the verb's object becomes the subject:

    Active: They (Subject) have sold (Active Verb) all the tickets (Object).

    Passive: All the tickets (Subject) have been sold (Passive Verb).

    "All" functions as a quantifier. It heads the phrase "All the tickets". "All" shouldn't be separated from its object "the tickets".


    The tickets, all of them, have been sold.

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