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    event, in the hope of

    Dear teachers,

    I posted this thread yesterday but received no reply. I am afraid it might have been buried. So I am posting it again.

    His companion might conclude that the suitcase contained a corpse, in which event he would perhaps inform the police when they reached their destination.
    Could you please explain the meaning of "in which event"? Does it mean "in case". If it is I think "should" instead of "would" should be used. Is that right?

    Is "in the hope of" a phrase? I can only find "in the hope that" in my dictionary.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: event, in the hope of

    1 I agree with you- would doesn't work here for me- should does. The meaning here is something like in which case/if this is true.

    In hope of is a phrase

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    Re: event, in the hope of

    Would might be less common, but it is perfectly acceptable, though with a different meaning.

    Should conveys the idea of obligation.

    Would conveys the idea of futurity - from a viewpoint set in the past:

    I conclude that it contains a corpse. I will inform the police.
    He concluded that it contained a corpse. He would inform the police

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