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The Influence of the Media

All people have violence impulse - impulse from our ancestors. Today that impulse is restrained by some learned behaviour. Some people remember those rules of behaviour and when an impuls comes, they don't react/respond in a way like our ancestors would, with violence. Impulse can be triggered by some personal problems or it can be triggered with violence in the media.

Violence in the media have different psychological effects. Some of the most popular are direct effects, desensitization, mean world syndrome and somethimes catharsis.

Direct effect is most obvious one - wathcing a lot of violence via the media can make children and adults more aggressive or they may have more approving attitude toward the use of violence to solve some problem.

Desensitization means „be less sensitive to something“ - in this case, be less sensitive to violence. During constant and repeated exposure to media violence children and adults become less sensitive to violence around them, especially to the pain and suffering that violence causes to others. Their „violence acceptance level“ is also very high - their tolerance level is very high.

Mean world syndrome means that watching large amounts of violence on TV can lead children and adults to believe that the real word contains so much violence and pain, and therefore they believe that their neighbourd is mean and dangerous place.

Some people believe that violence on the TV can be positive in a way where exposure to media violence may result in reduced aggression - viewers would experience catharsis - harmlessly discharging aggressive feelings through a TV violence.

Personally I don't believe in the last one, but other ones have some truth in them, for me they are all correct but every man is different so the effect will be different, someone will have strong direct impact and violence desensitization but someone won't change a bit.