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    meaning of leverages off

    Hi Can anyone please tell me the meaning of " leverages off"?
    Also can anyone what a sentence like this means?
    "A leverages off B"


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    Re: meaning of leverages off

    I’m not a teacher.

    Hi 3786.asif,

    Here are a few words concerning the matter in question:

    leverage = power

    The spade and fork have longer shafts, providing better leverage. = Spade and fork have long handles that provide a gain in strength.

    leverage = a means for achieving

    I have to try to gain more political leverage. (to try to get more leverage to achieve my political goals)

    leverage = use (for profit)

    leverage = use the loan to carry out financial transactions

    leverage = the use of credit for financial transactions (the use of borrowed money rather than share capital to produce profits, e.g. paying for an investment in shares by means of a loan for which securities have been put up as collateral). An investment is said to have a high leverage if a large proportion of the company’s assets has been bought with borrowed money, i.e. when the company’s debt is high compared with the size of its share capital. Such a company is at a disadvantage because the interest it has to pay on its borrowings reduces its earnings per share.

    “leverage off” could mean the opposite of “leverage”

    to leverage (third-person singular simple present leverages, present participle leveraging, simple past and past participle leveraged)

    1. (transitive, intransitive, chiefly US, mostly management, business) To use; to exploit; to take full advantage (of something).

    They plan to leverage the publicity into a good distribution agreement.
    They plan to leverage off the publicity to get a good distribution agreement.

    The company will continue to develop and launch new products and services to clients and leverage off the additional fund management capabilities within the group.

    Kratos Energy Ltd is a public company based in Perth, Western Australia, which was formed in 2007 to identify and evaluate oil and gas investment opportunities worldwide. It seeks to leverage off the extensive industry contact base developed by its US based affiliate, Moyes & Co, to secure interests in world class hydrocarbon assets.

    Greg is a framework for testing other programs and libraries. Gregs purpose is to provide a single front end for all tests and to be a small, simple framework for writing tests. Greg leverages off the Guile language to provide all the power (and more) of other test frameworks with greater simplicity and ease of use.




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