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    technique of teaching english...interesting

    hi. what techniques can you recommend to make teaching in english interesting especially in elementary level (4,5,6).


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    Re: technique of teaching english...interesting

    Keeping it simple and doing lots of role play at the front of class works very well for me. The kids love to come up to the podium and act out what they've just learnt.

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    Re: technique of teaching english...interesting

    the most important method is to SHARE the joy of speaking the words.

    Usa a toy to pass around and have students repeat sentences such as "Here is an airplane", "Thank you for the airplane". You can be passing several items around at one time, but not too many! This will depend on the size of your class.

    Use a picture of an object if you don't have an object or toy.

    Label all items in the class room. Put a sign on the wall, "WALL", on the chair "CHAIR". This will also give written encouragement as well as verbal.

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