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    Letter of motivation for PhD

    Hello! Can you please review my motivation letter? Thank you!

    I am writing to express my great interest in applying for a position of PhD-student in the research of (ABC), as advertised in (ABC) University of Technology Vacancy bulletin on 04/08/2010. I enclose a copy of my CV for your attention.

    I studied architecture, from 2002-2006, at East Kazakhstan State Technical University in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree. During my studies, I was always of inquisitive bent and active student. I participated in students’ scientific conferences and competitions. It helped me to make a decision about my future academic career. I obtained a master’s degree in Architecture in 2007 at the same university. My thesis was presented at international competitions of the best degree projects in Vologda, Russia and Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, where it received a certificate of the international public organization of assistance to architectural education. As my thesis was of high quality, I was invited to take a PhD by the exam commission.
    Before I decided to do a PhD I wanted to take some practical experience. I worked as an architect in construction companies in Kazakhstan, where I had to work with people in various disciplines, consisted of civil, ventilation, drainage engineers, urban planners and others. It has taught me to work in a team. I have attended course of seismic stability of buildings, which helped me during my practical work. In 2008 I moved to Lipetsk, Russia, where I worked on different kinds of architectural projects, from a cottage to a factory. I also have experience in supervision over construction of residential buildings, shopping centers and a factory. In 2009 I moved to Ankara, Turkey, where I had to adapt myself not only to different standards of construction and engineering, but also to the new culture and language. I found myself as a quick leaner. I worked on projects in different parts of Turkey, from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. Also, I worked on a project of administration building in Erbil, Iraq. At the same time, I have developed my computer skills in 3DMax, AutoCAD, and other related programs. I am comfortable in sourcing and handling data electronically.
    My work experience in various climatic regions, as well as in different cultural and language environment, allowed me to define an area of my future research. I recognized that I want to study green architecture and climate adaptive buildings. Your vacancy offers an exciting interdisciplinary scenario, in which I will have the opportunity to pursue my area of interest as a scientist: to understand physical aspects and processes in the indoor and outdoor built environment, and to develop innovative greenhouse concepts. The PhD in Uni. will allow me to collaborate with highly qualified scientists and to do my research totally in English. The information about Uni. that I got on presentation day in IEFT exhibition in Ankara, 17/10/2010, helped me to make final decision about applying for this vacancy.
    I would be grateful for your consideration of my candidacy for this position.

    Yours sincerely,
    My name
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