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    Need help: Adjective of number to make idioms

    I'm not sure what cardinal numbers to put so as to make idioms. Would appreciate your help.

    Example: If Satya is dressed up to the (nines), in fact she is wearing fancy clothes.
    1. The basics of education are sometimes called the (three R's).
    2. Applications for the jobs are coming in slowly in (twos and threes).
    3. Romila is a fast chatterbox. She talks very fast. She talks (nineteen) to the dozen.
    4. I am confused about the entire situation and don't know what to do. I am at (sixes and sevens).
    5. When we say 'a baker's dozen', in fact we mean (thirteen) in number.
    6. The businessman proposed to his partner, "Let us divide the profits on a (fifty-fifty) basis".
    7. Many people consider the number (thirteen) unlucky.
    8. Things that are very cheap and common can be brought (ten) a penny.
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    Re: Need help: Adjective of number to make idioms

    All correct, Guy.

    Well done!


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