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    Talking pleas, check grammar.

    Television has had a mostly positive effect on society.
    Generally, most of people use television for getting some information or for having some relaxation. Actually, I am a person who does not like to spent free times in front of TV, but I think that some people can get positive and also negative effects. It is consisting of what we are preferred to watch. In my life I prefer to watch some movies, news or some cognitive programs. There are many people who different kind of base TV shows. I will describe several reasons and examples so as explain my opinion bye the following paragraphs.
    First and foremost, I would like to emphasize, that how many TV channels and programs we have for today. If we thinking about past, like 20th century we can see that by comparing today, there were not too many TV channels. For today, we have too many TV channels and everyone knows how much it plays role in our today’s life. There are a lot of companies which uses those channels for advertisement their products. Some people believe that those products are good, others not. Also, we can not pay attention on those cognitive TV programs, since they are giving negative pressure on our society. For example, I do not agree with those TV programs where people discussing someone’s personal life in auditory and people watching that programs.
    In my point of view, those TV channels give to us some mental depression.
    Furthermore, we can hear about those people who like to spend their whole day in front of TV. That effect on vision of those people and some people can get psychological problems too. For example I would accentuate on those young people who are not doing any job and just spending their times in front of TV. They become thick, lazy and their vision getting worse. It is mean that spending whole your time just in front of TV is can damage in our health. I think, that everyone have to control how long time would be better for spending time in front of TV and what can be better for them to watch.
    On the other hand, I can point out that the TV is very important thing in our life. From TV we can develop our mental abilities and learn all information about what is going on in this world. I think that TV is a thing which we need to know how use it for our own good. Also, I think every country has an organization which trying to control all TV shows and programs, because if those organization will not perform their job, we can see a lot of unwanted things.
    Finally, I would like to stress that the television has a mostly positive effect in our society. We are learning a lot of information which is really important for our worldview. In addition, we using television for advertisement our products and it is really helps for getting customers. In my opinion, everybody has to understand what they are watching and what they can get from that.

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    Re: pleas, check grammar.

    I do not know why no one wants to help me....

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    Re: pleas, check grammar.

    Quote Originally Posted by sauron212 View Post
    I do not know why no one wants to help me....

    Patience, my dear. Some things take time. Sooner or later someone will help you...

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    Re: pleas, check grammar.

    yeah.... you are absolutely right!! =)

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