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    I need some help

    my dear masters
    I'm a university student in the second semester in teaching english
    My first language is persian (farsi) . so , in order to improve my listening and all the other skills, I listen to English news or other english programms . When I'm listening to , I can understand the meaning of each word , and I know most essential grammer points , too. But when a sentence arrives to the middle , I forget the first parts of the sentence or the same about reading. for example I start reading a novel in english in reading a paragraph, when I reach the middle of the paragraph , I forget the things said in the begining of the paragraph
    another problem that I have is about grammer. I know most grammer points that is written in books . I know them completely but when it comes to use them , although i know what to write and although i know which gramatical point refers to this question , i use the wrong things. sometimes I write all the grammatical points , just write them and I see that I have written all of them in a correct order . but in the usage , I 'm confused in what to use and what to avoid . please help me in solving this problem
    thanks a million

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    Re: I need some help

    When reading it helps to look for the basic parts or the sentence, like the subject, the verb and the object. Keep those in mind as you continue onward to the middle of the paragraph. Go slow at first, even underline the essential parts if you have to.

    As for writing, well, the best way to learn how to write, or how to express yourself in a way that reflects your character or style of thought is to read as much as possible. Try light reading, say, articles in magazines.

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    Re: I need some help

    I'm in the same boat.

    My thinking process in English can't catch up to the realtime speech, and I end up resorting to the most basic forms of sentences. Many times when I speak I use words or phrases that aren't necessarily the most fitting in the given situation, and by the time I realize it I've already spoken out. Bummer.

    I use fillers to give myself time to think, but I find heavy dependency of fillers get people annoyed. Sigh...

    Now, as for your listen-and-forget syndrome, I may have an explanation but not the solution. Think about how you memorize your phone number when you move to a new house. Given that your phone number is comprised of ten digits, three being an area code and the rest being your number, your brain first processes each number as one chunk. So that's like, 10 things to memorize to your brain. As you use the number a few times, the area code comes a given, and it becomes one chunk instead of three. To your brain, the new number is now eight chunks. Two down.

    As you get used to the number, your seven-digit phone number isn't a seven digit to your brain anymore. Your brain takes them as one chunk. And eventually you stop separating the number from the area code.

    I think learning English is much the same way. Repetition is old but proven method to overcome your problem. Once you perceive sentences as one chunk as opposed to each word, you'll have much less of the syndrome. Again, the problem is, I don't know how, other than keep listening and speaking til you drop.

    My two cents.
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