Hey all :),

I'm writing a complain letter and unfortunately, my English isn't *that* good, so I'll be glad if you can help me and add your corrections please.

"Dear xxx,
A few years ago, I used your service to build a little website I had as a kid (the address/user name was xxx).
The payment was taken from my father's (xxx – father name) credit card and we cancelled the service and the payments in the end of 2003 (because it was so long ago, I don't have any record of the cancellation, but I'm sure you do, as a big company).

Unfortunately, when my father got his last credit card bill, we were stunned to see that you still charge us 99.99 USD on that service (a copy of the bill is enclosed) .
We don't know if it is a case of one mistake or that you're charging us every year, but to resolve this problem, I will appreciate you to first of all, cancel my account and second of all please check for a possibility to get our money back.

I look forward to your reply and resolution to my problem as soon as possible, if you need any other details, just let me know.


Thank you in advance! (: