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    Exclamation Primary teacher of English

    Dear Teacher,

    Do Cause and Help also come in the category of causative verbs?If yes then please use them in a sentence as well for a better understanding.

    Thanks alot,

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    Re: Primary teacher of English

    Help seems to be a causitive verb in that it expresses a causitive relation as in the following sentences.

    I helped Jim clean up the mess.
    I helped the old lady cross the road.
    I helped Laura do her homework.

    Hmm. But cause?

    I don't think that one can say, correctly (but I bet a lot of people do)
    I caused him clean up the mess -> I made him clean up the mess.
    I caused Laura do her homework -> I made Laura do her homework.

    I can cause a tragedy, but in so doing I am not creating a causal relationship between a subject and an event.

    So for my money, help is a causative verb but cause is not. But I would not bet on it.

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