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    How To Improve English Skill???

    I am a jounior student in Feng Chia University. And I have a problom about learning English. Although I spent much time learning it, my English ability is not very well. I want to know how to improve my English skill? Does everyone have some great idea about my topic?

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    Re: How To Improve English Skill???

    More reading can let your english improving.

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    Re: How To Improve English Skill???

    Maybe you can listen to English songs. Read the lyrics.

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    Re: How To Improve English Skill???

    I think read more articles may help you to improve your English skills.

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    Re: How To Improve English Skill???

    Speaking English is like singing - you need to practice a lot. Pick any English paragraph and read it out loud, record yourself, then play back to hear how you sound. That way you'll figure out where you need to improve on your accent. Where possible, talk to people only in English (find other foreign students), find every opportunity to do so. Don't be shy about that and don't worry about being laughed at because of your poor accent - your skill will get better soon.

    To improve your writing skill, take any Chinese article and try translating to English. Take it to an English-speaking friend or teacher and ask them to proof read it for you. Read lots of English articles.

    I've been through where you're at right now. Those were my methods and they worked for me. Good luck! Hope that helps...

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