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  1. sunlight588

    Question how to english words

    I want to learn more words , but I don't know how to learn them , and I want to know if there are suitable textbooks for learning words . Please tell me something about my question.

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    Re: how to english words

    Dear freind,
    first of all welcome to the forum, and I was in your situation once looking for something to increase my vocabulary and I found it!
    I can tell you it is very usefull. I will give you some of the books I found in the library and I think you can find more:

    1. The world of words : vocabulary for college students / Margaret Ann Richek.

    2. NTC vocabulary builders / Peter Fisher, editor.

    3. Vocabulary / Cathrine Hilton, Margaret Hyder.

    4. A Way with words : vocabulary development activities for learners of English : book 2 / Stuart Redman and Robert Ellis ; advisory editor, Michael McCarthy.

    and you can search for website that can teach you the vocabulary...

    Good luck

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