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Thread: Emily Dickinson

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    Emily Dickinson

    Do you know that Dickinson's poems generally fall into three distinct periods?!

    The works in each period have certain general characters in common:
    •Poems written before 1861, which are often conventional and sentimental in nature. Thomas H. Johnson, who later published The Poems of Emily Dickinson, was able to date only five of Dickinson's poems before 1858. Two of these are mock valentines done in an ornate and humorous style, and two others are conventional lyrics, one of which is about missing her brother Austin. The fifth poem, which begins "I have a Bird in spring", conveys her grief over the feared loss of friendship and was sent to her friend Sue Gilbert.

    •Poems written between 1861 and 1865, her most creative period—these poems are more vigorous and emotional. Johnson estimated that she composed 86 poems in 1861, 366 in 1862, 141 in 1863, and 174 in 1864. He also believed that this is when she fully developed her themes of life and death.

    Poems written after 1866. It is estimated that two-thirds of the entire body of her poetry was written before this year.

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    Re: Emily Dickinson

    Speaking of Emily Dickinson, I just remember one of her poems: there's been a death in the opposite house... that seems like ages ago...

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