Could someone please proofread my writing? Many thanks!

Bow wow!!! When a dog was barking at you...

I don't raise any dogs so far. Generally dogs I ran into are friendly to me, vice versa. Several days ago, I took some rubbish out to a trash bin outside in the dusk. There's a dawg, which was looking for something to eat. I was not alert, and walked to the trash bin,

Suddenly the dog was barking viciously at me, "Bow wow!!!". I was so scared, and glued to the ground. I daren't not move at all. It kept barking furiously at me. It seemed that it was going to attack me any second.

" Where's the owner of the dog? Why didn't he look after his own dog". I was so worried, helpless, and angry and said to myself.

I daren't not yell to help. There's not a single passerby there at that time.
Suddenly a man came near. The dog was distracted. I was quite relieved. I sneaked away from that dog inch by inch. Finally I left that dog behind safely.