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I translated a short article from Polish into English; I have some questions about punctuation and placing direct/indirect object within the sentence. Here's the essay, after problematic paragraphs I'm posting questions. I'll appreciate any help :)

Immigrants Strom Greece

The officers of Frontex, the European border protection agency, will be patrolling the Greek-Turkey border. They were called on by the Athenian authorities unable to take care of the flood of illegal immigrants.

The Greeks had officially asked for help on Sunday evening and a Frontex squad departed to Athens yesterday afternoon. They will evaluate on-sight how many men will it take to secure the border with Turkey, which is going alongside the river Evros.

1. Can I use they in relation to squad?
2. Does which in this case relate to Turkey or border? I intended the latter.

Ilkka Laitinen, the head of the agency, is going to send there a rapid deployment unit. It consists of several hundred border guards from all of the EU countries, who are perfectly equipped and trained in preventing illegal immigration and people smuggling. It will be the first mission of this kind in the five year long history of the agency. Up to this point Frontex officers were patrolling the Mediterranean Sea looking for boats with illegal emigrants from Africa.

According to the reports from Athens, the situation is getting worse and worse every day. Several hundred people cross the Evros river in the southeastern part of the country every night using boats and hurriedly constructed rafts. The Greeks detained 9000 foreigners on 75 miles long (about 120 kilometers) border with Turkey last year, and almost 35 000 within the first six months of 2010.

3. Should there be a comma after Athens?
4. Should there a comma before and?

“That’s because our border guards are good at watching the coast and it is getting harder for the immigrants to get across through the sea. Besides, less and less immigrants are willing to risk their lives like that. The way through the river is much safer and the guards are helpless there,” says Maria Dalithanissi, a journalist from Athenian journal "Kathimerini".

The refuges who are mostly from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia are going to Orestadia, which is the only bigger town in borderland. Turkish smugglers leave them on the little islands in the middle of the river. After that, they’re on their own, but not everyone can make it, because many of them can’t swim.

40 immigrants abandoned in the middle of the river were saved by the Greek guards one week ago, but two people drowned waiting for help. There were 38 cases like that this year. Castaway bodies are transported by the police to the morgue in the clinic in Alexandroupoli.

5. Is one week ago in a good place? Both saves and drownings occurred on the same day.

Those who make it to the Greek side look for next smugglers in Orestiada. They seek a passage to the heart of the country or out of it, e.g. to Italy. “ Human smuggling system is working better and better
, and the prices are going up. One family pays 10 000 Euros for help in getting to Greece. Going further costs even 4000 Euros per person,” says Dalithanissi.
In Athens, the problem of teenage prostitution among Afghans is increasing because of prospering illegal immigration.

6. If I wanted to combine the first two sentences, would it be correct like that: "
Those who make it to the Greek side look for next smugglers in Orestiada, who would take them into the heart of the country or out, e.g. to Italy" or can't I use "who" after name of a place?
7. Can I use and twice here and if so, with a comma?
8. Comma after In Athens?

But this is not the end of Greeks’ problems. Human rights activists are alarming that the immigrants caught by the police are being kept in inhuman conditions. “Jails in Greece are full and the authorities remain unable to change that,” said special UN messenger Manfred Nowak two weeks ago. What is worse, human rights activists claim that the Greeks move the immigrants to Turkey offhand, hoping to empty some cells. ”This is a scandal, we should at least consider their asylum requests in some cases,” stresses Dalithanissi.
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