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    Post practice & exercise

    Could anyone tell me what is the difference between "practice" and "exercise"? I appreciate if you also give me with example sentences.
    Thank you.

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    Re: practice & exercise

    Practice is when you do something to learn/get better at it. It's a noun and a verb.

    I have band practice this afternoon. I have football practice. We have choir practice.
    You need to practice the piano more if you want to play in public. You should practice your dribbling more. You have to practice your solo before choir practice.

    An exercise as a noun is a very specific thing you do to practice a specific skill. For example, dribbling between cones is an exercise you might do in football practice. Playing scales is an exercise you might do when you practice the piano.

    The verb exercise means to move your body in some way to improve your fitness. You might exercise by jogging or walking or cycling.
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