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    Fivejedon - would you please help me?

    To The Board Members Of The Scott Delforte Foundation:

    My name is Nicholas Frosini and I am an 11th grader who is attending Arcadia High School during the school year of 2010-2011.

    I am applying for The Scott Delforte Foundation Ski Club Scholarship for a chance to continue participating in the Ski Club this year (?) but due to limited resources Iím having a difficult time affording the registration fee required. The Ski Club will be starting in January and trips are scheduled all the way up until early March of 2011. Arcadiaís Ski Club travels to Bristol Mountain Ski Resort six times during the Winter Season.

    The director, Mr. Patt, of the Ski Club has also organized a snowboarding/ski trip to Utah during February Recess 2011 that I am attending and fundraising to help pay for the expenses.

    During the past couple of years, I have enjoyed taking part in the Ski Club which has helped me to develop and improve my snowboarding skills as well as my social and communication skills. Snowboarding may seem like its all fun and games but there is much more required than just packing and going; there are a lot of safety measures to be taken, not only for myself but for others around me as well. There are also strict expectations that have to be followed in order to go on these trips. One of the expectations is that you cannot have any type of suspension or referral because (in doing so?) would result in immediate dismissal from the Ski Club for the season. Throughout my years in school, I have not received either a referral or suspension. These trips test your level of responsibility and help to improve it along the way. I do have all the necessary equipment that is expected for snowboarding, i.e., jacket, snow pants, goggles and helmet.

    With the help of your foundation, I would be able to further enhance my skills as well as to enjoy snowboarding.

    Thank you for providing me with the opportunity and I hope you consider my application.

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    Re: Fivejedon - would you please help me?

    I have sent you my version by private message.

    I am not posting it on this forum, because I don't think it will help. I am British, and I do not know anything about the style that is considered suitable for this type of letter in the United States

    I hope you can find an American who knows about these things to help you.

    p.s. It was not a good idea to put my name in the title of this post. It may make other readers think that your post was a private message, when in fact you need the help of others.


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