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    Exclamation Help required, please check my proposal!

    Subject: Plans of building a new fast food restaurant in the historic centre.


    Fast foods, a supermarkets, etc. are needed in every town, city. They contribute to development of community and encourage people to visit there. Unfortunately, these days we can not perceive situations in which these facilities are responded with disapproval and condemnation of inhabitants. We should all take steps to try to satisfy all residents. At least to convince the majority of them to implement these plans.

    Statement of problem

    We must weigh pros and cons of building a fast food in the historic centre of town. Many local residents are opposed to build it on the grounds that it would shatter their peace and silence. Nevertheless, such an investment will probably encourage more and more people to visit the town. It is widely known that fast food restaurants like “McDonald” or “KFC” are desirable for people who doesn’t have enough time to eat or even prepare food. This type of restaurant provide you quick an tasty meal, with good service and affordable price. It could become a new source of revenue that will help us in development of our godforsaken town and become high-income place. Contrary to what people say, this facility will not devastate our historic centre, but it will generate an interest of local history and probably attract much attention to local ancestors. This investment will surely be a landmark decision in economical development of our city.


    As it can be seen a fast food restaurant will promote our community, so that the town will become recognizable and known place. Moreover, it is highly likely that it will become an encouragement for investors, who want to combine their future with the development of our town.

    Please, check it. I will be very grateful

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    Smile Re: Help required, please check my proposal!

    Please, could u check it and correct? I'll be really grateful.

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