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    Question to capitalise the name of sociological theories?

    The 24 teams that competed in the 2009/2010 English Premier League were used as subjects. Total money spent in the transfer market, by the 24 clubs, was calculated over 18 seasons and compared to trophies won over the same period.

    I am currently writing a sociological paper for potential publication and, frustratingly, can find no consistent explanation when it comes to using a capital letter for words such as: Marxist, Post-Modernism, Cultural Theory, Figuration and, indeed, other sociological theory.

    My question is simple - should they be capitalised?

    To add some context, please read the below paragraph from my essay:

    'Out of the Marxist approach there are a number of neo-Marxist theories that include Cultural theory and Post-Modernism. Indeed, the Marxist theory is complex and wide-ranging but, nevertheless, this chapter will attempt to summarise the central themes of ‘conventional’ Marxism albeit, at risk of oversimplifying. Specifically, this chapter will introduce the ideas of centrality of the economy, modes of production and class conflict before analysing the Marxist approach to sports investigation'

    I have a feeling that it comes down to consistency - i.e., if you use lower case then do so throughout the paper.

    Some do's and don't please!


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    Re: to capitalise the name of sociological theories?

    Sorry, there are no rules - or, if there are, writers treat them with disdain. It's a bit like trying to decide whether the names of tenses should be capitalised or not when writing about english verbsX English Verbs X English verbs.

    If you are writing for publication, the publisher may have a manual of house usage. If not, just try to be consistent.

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