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    I'm seeking for friends to talk to in English !

    Hi, I've never talked to English speaker before, could anyone please talk to me over the Internet or the mobile phone if you like (cause I really have no much money to make international calls)! We'll talk slowly first then try to speed up gradually ! Maybe sometimes we can't understand each other but we'll try to do, I think the important thing is tolerance to each other if one of us makes the other not satisfied for his/her bad English such as bad pronunciation, bad grammar ...(he/she does really not want that), and if that happens why don't we laugh "I can't understand what you say haha" ?, it's so funny. All I want to mean is a special conversation, the purpose is to try to understand each other, that likes a game not a normal talk which the conversation can't be continued if we don't understand each other .
    My Yahoo Id: vngeek
    Maybe someone will think I'm crazy, haha, like as my nickname.
    Maybe this thread will be locked right after being posted so I wanna learn where to post threads of this kind properly!
    Thank you very much !

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    Re: I'm seeking for friends to talk to in English !

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