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    British English Help!!!

    What on earth is an "off-license" ???
    Iron Monger?
    green grocer??? Is there a black grocer? or a purple grocer?
    I understand a "chemist" sell medicine.. but he doesn't make it.. he only distributes it....
    This is wacky stuff for me.....

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    Re: British English Help!!!

    An off-licence is a shop selling alcohol. The reason for the name is that pubs and bars have an on-licence, which means that the alcohol sold is to be drunk in the place, but the off-licence means that the alcohol is for consumption off the premises.
    Ironmonger- sells stuff for DIY jobs around the house. It's not used that much anymore. 'monger' means somone who sells something, like 'fishmonger'.
    Greengrocer- sells fruit and vegetables. No other grocer by colour that I know of.
    Wacky stuff- we have lots of that.
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