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    Question Please Help "Oh learned one's!"

    Hello to all,
    I am a 25 y/o Australian girl with an almost completed BA (3 subjects remaining). I am interested in teaching English overseas specifically in South or Central America/ Russia / Cambodia/ Europe. I went to an information session last night for a TESOL course in Melbourne ($1600). Whilst it appears to be a good course, I am naturally a little wary about parting with such a large sum of money when trying to save. If anyone can help me with information it would be greatly appreciated. The questions I have are listed below:

    - What type of course is best recognised by schools / learning institutions internationally?
    - If a TEFL and TESOL course are the equivalent of each other would a $1600 TESOL certificate (teach international) and a $545 TEFL certificate (i-to-i)
    give me the same employment opportunities?

    - Are these reasonable amounts to pay for a course? Any recommendations?

    - I read on an earlier post that on must be wary of TEFL certificate providers that say its certificate is internationally recognised, but is effectually useless for employment outside the jobs their company sponsors. How do I avoid this? Is there an accreditation I need to look for etc?

    - As far as TEFL providers offering certificates vs diplomas what is the difference?


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    Re: Please Help "Oh learned one's!"

    The main problem with the course is the degree of recognition. In Europe, where the market is very competitive, you'd need a certificate that is widely recognised, like the CELTA. In countries like Cambodia, many schools would accept pretty much any qualification.

    It depends what you want. If you're just after a qualification to travel and finance through teaching, then it doesn't really matter, though you might find it hard to find a job in Paris, say. If you want to teach as a career, then my advice would be to go for a qualification recognised everywhere. Many qualifications are in-house ones and are not transferable. Before parting with cash find out who recognises the qualification and check them out as well.

    Compare the accreditation of the i to i course with the recognition of the CELTA: I'm afraid I don't know much about Australia, but there are CELTA courses available: For travelling, I'd go for a budget certificate, but for anything more, I'd go for this as a start.

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