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    She or her?


    I need help quickly, so please excuse me for posting a thread that has possibly already been posted before.

    My problem is with this sentence, from a movie script I am writing:

    It was her who planned the whole mission for them.

    Now, my friend said 'her' should be 'she' here. To me, 'her' sounds perfectly fine by intuition, but so does 'she', too. So i googled them, and found that 'she' is more frequently used, but the difference isn't a big one. I am wondering if 'she' is more formal, or more used in American English? I also ran a search on BNC online service Sara, and there were only few examples of 'her' in this sort of construction.

    Now, if the difference is in formality, I will use 'her' because the line is not supposed to sound very formal but, rather, very casual. But I'd very much like to know what exactly is the difference between these forms?

    Thank you very much in advance,


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    Re: She or her?

    Why not use "she was/is the one who ..." ?

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    Re: She or her?

    The difference is formality.

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    Re: She or her?

    If this is a movie script, and the sentence is part of a dialog, it is perfectly acceptable for a character to speak non-standard English. Even fussy grammarians might say "It's me." when they ring a doorbell. The important thing is that the usage fits that character. Quite often, especially when writing dialog, "correct" English will sound stilted and artificial.

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    Re: She or her?

    ah i see.... i wanted to know whether 'her' was correct at all here, which it was, and i wanted to know whether it suits the context, which it does, so i got my answers thank you. :)


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