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    a slip, mistake, error, fault and blunder

    Hi, I've got a question........could be more than one...

    how are they different?

    a slip, mistake, error, fault and blunder.............

    thanks for you help teachers!!! ^^


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    Re: a slip, mistake, error, fault and blunder

    1. Slip - an accidental and trivial mistake in speaking
    2. Error - a systematic deviation made by learners who have not yet mastered the rules of the target language.
    3. Mistake - If one says something incoorect and then corrects himself, that's a mistake, not an error.
    4. Blunder - a mistake made through stupidity, ignorance, or carelessness
    5. Fault - a mistake made on the basis of bad judgment or ignorance or inattention

    As you can see, there is an important difference anly between SLIP AND ERROR.
    Blunder and fault are kinds of mistakes.

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