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Table of figures
The table shows the sales figures of fiction books, non-fiction books, and magazines in a college bookshop for February 2005. The figures are divided into two groups: sales to non-book club members and to book club members. The non-book club member figures comprise sales to college staff, college students and members of the public.
The total number of publications sold for the month was 3134, with the highest sale to college students (1474), followed by sales to club members (1051). Members of the public contribute the lowest (204) and college staff doubles this figure (405). Magazines accounted for the greatest number of total sales (1696), followed by non-fiction books (1287) and the least is fiction books (151)
Magazines were sold to college students more than to any other group of customers (1249), while it is bought the least for book club members (33). On the other hand, book club members bought the most non-fiction books (942) which were sold the least to college staff. No member of the public bought fiction books which were sold in nearly the same number to college staff (44) and students (31)