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    meaning of 'suggest'

    About the third century B.C.E. in western Japan emerged a Neolithic culture that made pottery on wheels, knew both bronze and iron, and used irrigation to grow rice. It is called the Yayoi culture after one of its sites. Strong Chinese influence is suggested in the introduction of irrigation and in the Han bronze mirrors, weapons, and coins found at Yayoi sites.

    What exactly is the meaning of 'suggest' here?

    Could it be replace by 'widely believed to have played an role' ?

    Thank you!

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    Re: meaning of 'suggest'

    Yes, but maybe it's a bit too strong. How about "implied"?

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    Re: meaning of 'suggest'

    Thank you, pieanne! I appreciate it.

    But I can't decide between possible interpretations:
    1) The speaker is stating the fact that many people believe there was a Chinese influence.
    2) The speaker is stating his opinion, saying that it cause him to think that there was a Chinese influence.

    Either way, I think there should be someone who proposed this theory that there was a Chinese influence. Who do you think it was?

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