Can be some what vulgar at times. But note this is not for school, this is just for fun.

Please let me know what you think about my writing, thank you.

Title: Sunday Spaceship Sopranos Marathon

I look to my left on Jeff's sectional couch. It's Rick. I shout his name at him with an uncontrollable volume in my voice, as if I just turned 13 again and had to deal with the great embarrassing obstacles of puberty. He finds his footing after a 1 1/2 foot drop to the ground still staring into my raised eyebrow and angrivated expression, still trying to figure out if it was indeed me that shouted his name and if I'm legitamitally pissed off or not. I stomp the ground hard once, raise off he couch slightly, realizing I bruised my heel out of hatred of Rick (you fat sack of shit). I watch him scurry off hugging the ground as close as possible, watching his fat rolls sway from side to side, as he lifts his long furry tail to reveal hole of everlasting torment filled with 3 day old shit nuggets. I am blinded.

Riley opens the door coming into the house, Rick bolts for the door, Riley's sweat still beading off his face, a small droplet hits ricks back only making him shittier. he laughs at the fat piece of shit Rick is, trying to make words come out, but they're impossible to understand. Jeff rolls out the shower feeling like a new man after using his gel depleting Axe shampoo with micro beads, naked as fuck like any other day of the week, shouting the words "Surprise cock fags!". I laugh. Jeff slides his way across the room making sure we notice that he has half an erection. "Sorry boys" he says quietly as he pushes the door to his room open. You know Ive never really put as much thought into it as I have now but Jeff has a huge dick, hence the nickname Jeff "The Hammer" Jeglum. I wait for Jeff to finish changing, sitting on his computer because I am in fact addicted to social networking sites even though they make me spontaneously combustive. Riley occupies himself with month old soda crackers he found in the under compartment of the table and seasoning salts. Jeff reappears wearing his tight baby blue one six shirt he cut the sleeves off of. We grab our bikes. We drive away.

I use my gazing eyes to spot a 14 year old girl roughly 174.8lbs in weight pushing a baby cart most likely carrying a symptom of FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). We roll down the windows. "Hey baby!" Jeff shouts, Riley whistles from the back seat since I usual try my hardest to get the front. We pass the Tim Horton's and converse all the way to the skate park about how redneck with big trucks have small erected penises. We arrive to our destination. Riley starts pulling the bikes back in forth in the trunk of Jeff's Dodge Colt, frustrated with the fact that my pedal is stuck in his wheel. On our way into the skate park i see the usual young buck crew consisting of Kerr, Lenard, Cody, and Jesse. We start our little session with the observation of Jared, our BMX shredding brethren who has sadly busted his knee and is stuck playing World Of Warcraft on his computer for months. Afterwards we get to riding, doing my usually chainless tricks because they're fun and I don't take BMX seriously enough to bother learning new shit everyday. Jeff goes and does his usual double peg up ledge to 180 out. Riley pulling every single trick he knows into a slider. the young bucks are riding as well, Kerr practicing his 180's and 360's, hes not that good at them but is showing improvements. Lenard doing his icepick grinds opposite because hes fucked up for some reason. Cody... i can't exactly remember what that kid does, we usually sit around and crack jokes about Mike Aitken pulling 180's in Jesse's backyard. The session is done. We all go home.

Loaded bikes and tunes roaring we pass 12th street, remembering Tieran Greens shitty ghetto mansion, wishing we could spend another day shooting photos and listen to his rants about how The Black Dahlia Murder sucks so much. Dropping off Riley at his home, he rants away about how his mom needs to fuck off. We leave. Jeff and I talk about whatever is on our minds, usually its me telling him how I hate something and then him telling me to stop being so negative, I tell him to fuck off. We arrive at Jeff's home, theres Rick. I try to look in the opposite direction but Rick knows I can see him, he shows me his shitty asshole, again I yell. We talk about drums, bikes, and babes. I eat my tub of cookie dough ice cream that has lasted me 2 days, I'm sick of it. Jeff goes to bed, I stay wirelessly hooked up to Facebook, pressing the home button over and over again trying to see if anybody has done anything. I sit there and think about what it would be like to kill a man, and who I'd like to kill (we all have done it). Trash talk on TheComeUp about how Capone is an idiot. I talk to whichever girl I was focused on at the time, throwing in cute little words every now and again to keep things interesting. Its 2am, I feel hungry but can't eat because I need to save food for the next day. I fall asleep. Repeat.