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    Exclamation Syntax: Advanced Level

    C-Command Relationship:

    1-Is the linguist called Hagemen, Hagement, or Hageman? (1991)

    2-Morphological Case:
    Is it Van the Taro, or Van der Taro?

    3- The VP- Internal Subject Hypothesis:
    It says that the NP initiates in the VP then moves to the Spec Prep░ NP ( Trace)
    Why does one have to go through D-Structure, then through S-Structure to end up with the initial D-Structure representation, (indicating t, ti, & tj) ?


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    Re: Syntax: Advanced Level

    1-Liliane Haegeman Introduction to Government and Binding Theory (1991:241) on c-command


    3-VISH: the assumption there is that the whole VP, not the V, assigns a theta-role to the subject. So, in expletive structures, the subject originates in spec-VP, and in non-expletive structures it moves out of VP to spec-IP:

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