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    Smile two sense of the world 'sense'?

    Winning an award would give me a great sense of achievement.

    Humans are more than just intelligent. Our sense of justice, out need for aesthetic pleasure, our imaginative flights and our penetrating self-awareness, all combine to create an indefinable spirit which i believe is the soul.

    My understanding is that in the first sentence the speaker is saying that he has a feeling that he has achieved something, whereas in the second one by
    'sense of justice' the speaker is meaning 'the ability to tell what is fair from what is unfair'.

    I doubt my understanding, though. Would you please help me? Thank you!

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    Red face Re: two sense of the world 'sense'?

    1. sense-feeling.
    a sense of awareness, a sense of being,
    a sense, a feeling,

    2. sense-reason
    To make sense, to reason with someone,
    He has a lot of sense. Intelligence. Common sense.

    3. sense-meaning
    I can't make sense of this book. interpretation,
    purpose, You are not making sense.

    I hope this helps,

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