XXX, XX November 2010
For the attention of XXX Program Director
Prof. XXX, MD

Dear Prof. XXX,
the decision to join the XXX Program comes from one main motivation: the desire to have a high profile research experience which represents for me a challenge and an opportunity to deepen and develop further my knowledge about the XXX research area and, more specifically, XXX.
As Double Degree student of XXX at the XXX University and XXX University, I had way of obtaining a strong background about the XXX with specific reference to XXX even if I'm aware of the necessity to continue my studies in order to enrich further my skills and broaden my knowledge. Furthermore, having already had the opportunity to start a research experience in a suitable and stimulating atmosphere as the Laboratory of XXX of the Institute XXX of CITY, I was as first surprised and then involved in the enthusiasm that animates the researchers in their work despite the challenges and problems they have to face in everyday lab life.
So, I think that the XXX Program would be a crucial stage in the formation of my scientific career and therefore I hope to take advantage of this enhanced multidisciplinary training to having the chance to do my Master's Thesis Research, which concerns the XXX, as well as possible. This choice does not stem only from a deep interest about XXX but also from the ambition to follow my own research interests and meet the current needs of the labor market that is asking for more and more competent profiles.
I am well aware of the heavy commitment that is required by the XXX Program and at the same time I am sure I can succeed in it driven by my motivation, enthusiasm, dedication and sense of responsibility that I always apply to realize what I want.
For all these reasons, I have enclosed all required documents, which further details my qualifications and accomplishments. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Yours sincerely,