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    living thing and non-living thing

    I am going to explain what is living thing and non-living thing to a group of 4 years old kindergarten kids. Shall I say:

    • living thing is something will move, eat, grow.
    • non-living thing is something will not move, eat, grow.

    Can anyone can help to tell the above differences in a simple and straightforwad way for the 4-year-old kids?


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    Re: living thing and non-living thing

    Hi Ju

    I've taught the same lesson. Our previous lesson was on plants and gardens: how things grow, so I began this lesson with, "Living things need water, food and sunshine." Then, I showed the students pictures of living and non-living things, and asked them questions, "Does a person drink water?", "Does a rock have a mouth? Can it drink water?", and so on. The concept (Living and Non-living) although it appears an easy one to grasp is not all that straightforward for preschoolers (as you have found), and so it's best to walk them through the criteria that makes a living thing living and a non-living thing non-living.

    Have fun! It's a great lesson topic.

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