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    Preschool ESL teaching methods

    Hello, everyone!
    I tutor English one-on-one to schoolkids who need to improve their grades/knowledge, and I have substantial experience in that area, although my university degree is not English language related.
    My (potential) latest student is also the youngest - a 5 year old who doesn't yet know how to read and write (and has no prior knowledge of English). It should be fun, beginner's level classes. I haven't yet decided whether to take on that student, as I have no direct experience with preschoolers as ESL learners. I'd appreciate if you could give me some tips or links related to preschool ESL teaching methods. I've found very little on that topic, and, while I know songs & games work fine for that age, I'm guessing that's not all there is to it (especially considering it's one-on-one tutoring!). I could improvise, of course, but I'd appreciate some professional input.

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    Re: Preschool ESL teaching methods

    I recently updated my list of links:

    TEFLtastic Teaching preschool English links
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