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Thread: TEFL in Hungary

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    TEFL in Hungary

    Hi everyone,

    I recently retired from a career as a senior manager in the information technology sector. So I have lots of business experience and qualifications to match and very strong IT and project management skills. But it is time for a change!

    I will be taking a training course to become CELTA qualified early next year. My aim is to teach English in Budapest and do some coaching to help business people improve their written and spoken English. In the longer term I will probably want to teach in other countries (I am having a "gap retirement" if you see what I mean).

    So, what are the opportunities in Hungary?



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    Re: TEFL in Hungary

    I don't know the specifics of the market in Budapest, but Business English is an area tha is often not very well served because many people in teaching often have little experience of or don't know much about business, so there opportunities. However, as this tends to be work that pays well, it can be more difficult to get into it.

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    Re: TEFL in Hungary

    I don't really get why so many teachers are scared of business English. My first job after CELTA was business English. There's very little that's different from teaching generally, it's just that all of the language points are placed in a different context. It's mainly functional language and a bit of vocab that you might have to look up. As one of my tutor's said, you're there to teach them English, not business. Of course, having a passing interest in the subject is probably useful, because it allows you to ask the right questions in discussions and answer unexpected questions.

    That's working for a school though. Obviously, it's a bit different going freelance and having to devise the courses. But even then, I'd say that's more an issue of teaching experience, rather than business knowledge.

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