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    a few collocations of "identical"

    Dear teachers,

    Would you share with me your opinion concerning the usage of the identical in the following sentences?

    They each had a bag slung on the left shoulder, and the bags were identical too, long and slender, and their noses, just a shade lifted, and they were eating their ice-cream with concentration, as thought they were making an experiment in the college laboratory.

    The number of the card is identical with the one on the checkbook.

    My interpretation of the subject is identical with his.

    This is the very identical man.

    I can not remember a thing that happened a year ago, without a conviction . . . that I, the same identical person who now remember that event, did then exist.

    When you say body is solid, I say that you make an identical proposition, because it is impossible to have the idea of body without that of solidity.

    This is a high-fidelity reproduction of the identical room where Shakespeare was born.

    identical = the same

    Thanks for your efforts.



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    Re: a few collocations of "identical"

    I'm not a teacher, but in each one of those sentences, with one exception, the word "identical" means that the two or more objects referred to are exactly alike.

    The exception is, "This is the very identical man," which seems to imply that the man is the exact same man as one that was mentioned previously.

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