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    Help with lead in

    I'm half way through a 19 week CELTA course.
    I've just had my lesson plan feedback for this week. All good but apparently I have the same lead in as another student teacher. I am teaching 'can/can't' to Elementary students. For my lead in was going to tell them about things I like doing in my spare time and then ask them to ask each other what they like doing. The vocab elicted was going to be for a semi controlled practice later in the lesson. So I cant change the whole lesson - just need a new lead in.
    The rest of the lesson is about talent shows eg Xfactor and who can/ can't sing/dance etc.
    Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
    S x

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    Re: Help with lead in

    To keep the theme, why not mention going out to 'open mic' clubs and the types of acts you see...good, bad, etc.? Or even where and why people sing in general?

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