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    Easy Curriculum for Adult Students

    I'm trying to find some ready made lesson plans and easy to use curriculm for my teacher volunteers who teach ESL to adults. I want to get away from the "themes" i.e. in the home, at the doctor, at the grocery. And more into teaching the alphabet sounds etc. so they can learn to read and understand the language, not just memorize words they will use a lot.

    Does anyone have experience in this area?

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    Re: Easy Curriculum for Adult Students

    I don't have any experience of teaching this level, but is there anything here that might help?

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    Re: Easy Curriculum for Adult Students

    there is a lot of sites teach this , just looking for it and you will find it

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    Re: Easy Curriculum for Adult Students

    It sounds like you're looking for phonics lessons or programs. In children's ESL books there are intergrated phonics throughout the curriculum, but I've never seen that in Adult books.

    As far as curriculums online for download, I don't believe there is any complete curriculum with materials that's availbale for free. I think you're better off looking into texts like New Interchange or something. You could piece together units here and there but I think you're saying you don't want to do that.

    You can supplement the text with phonics materials off the internet. There are plenty of sites with information and materials. I have some flashcards available for download and handouts. For adult students you can probably work right off the handout and you wont need to make the flashcards.

    There are a lot of sites that have information and some that have materials. Most sites are geared toward children but my adults love phonics and have never complained about playing kids games.

    Here is another ESL site with phonics materials:

    or search sites for teachers for phonics:

    I hope that helps.


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