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    On Friendship [please check]

    Hi, I wrote a text on friendship for my website (which is now both in Italian and BrE). I'd like to know if I did any mistake:
    Poets have plucked many geese for Love, writers have killed families of trees for Eros, singers have burnt thousands of CD for Pothos.
    Nobody ever speaks of Friendship.
    And yet it is the purest of feelings: for the cynic Love is an instinct to reproduce, but Friendship? Friendship is too pure and perfect to be rationalised.
    «And those "friendships with privileges", then? Do you think they're pure and perfect, too?» the teens (or the fifty-years-old in mid-age crisis) will say, regretting that they have never had a friend so well equipped. That is not Friendship, it is an agreement: I let your hormonal storm quiet down and you save me the troubles, the "hang up you first", the kisses in public, and the stupid poems.
    True Friendship is an unbreakable bond, it does not matter how much you quarrel or how far apart you are, that goes beyond death.
    How many time you wrote:
    "I die!"
    in the short time
    of our friendship:
    spring 1906 - spring 1907
    only one year
    nor was I in time to see you
    for in your death
    I had never believed
    not even
    when I got the news.
    But since that day
    We began to walk side by side
    as if we had met
    out of the time: in the air.
    After almost a century
    my Sergio
    nothing among us has changed
    and along this path
    we keep walking
    and talking
    because your death
    was poetry and nothing else.

    (Aldo Palazzeschi ~ Sergio Corrazzini, translated by myself)
    Sometimes you recognise a friend at once, sitting on a log chatting for a while is enough. Sometimes you need a while to understand that you have found the keeper for all your secrets, to know that you will always be forgiven, it does not matter how selfish and cynical you will be.
    During our lives we lose many friends for neglect or fault[?], but the time spent together will last forever.

    Thank you,

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    Re: On Friendship [please check]

    Pothos => minor Greek god
    CDs =>
    "friendship with privileges" => it should be an AmE way to call those friends one can sleep with (I've heard that on TV and read in a book by an Italian-American journalist).
    "equipped" => In the Italian text it was "accessoriato", as in "This car sure is well equipped" (is that how one says a car has a lot of extra stuff?)
    mid-life =>
    Friendship => anthropomorphism (as in "Love hit me with its power")
    troubles => didn't know how to say that. I meant all those annoying things that happen when you're in a relationship with somebody.
    "you hang up first" =>
    "that" => Like in "The rose is a flower, we call flowers some plants, that grows..." (this should be correct, I think I've found this construction somewhere, maybe a text from the 1880s)
    "have you wrote?": (why not written?). This was not a question, it's an exclamation as in "how lucky you are!"
    "Between": why not among?
    "will be": one is not cynical right now, but he knows he'll be one day or another
    fault: this one's right, isn't it?

    Thank you very much for your time,

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