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    Compare and contrast your way of life with that of your parents

    Although living life in way parents wants is better for our present as well as future, but I would like to enjoy living my life in my special way. This is why; there are many arguments for and against whether it is in favor of mine or not.

    Foremost reason, not to follow my guardian is that, they, sometimes, persuade me to follow their old tradition which is quite awkward for me in modern generation. They are quite introvert, and I am quite opposite to them. Although, their experiences are extremely high, they sometime do not want to be extrovert. Their limited thoughts annoys me persistently while I see my others friends with their own lifestyles.

    Another reason is that, most of the time they prevail to take decision which may jeopardize me. However, the today’s world with the lightening speed provokes me to take the fast decision, irrespective of situation. They may not be wrong while restrict me to for doing so, but, I have to take such type of action which may gives different experience whether good or worse. I, especially, follow my rule just to get prepared for any situation, which I may have to face tomorrow.

    Furthermore, Parents may dissuade to my opinion for using latest technologies. There are however, many pros and cons of their use. But, still I believe that, advantageous of such innovative facilities available to me is not least but enormous. For example, my father always tends to put a limit to use a credit card offered by various banks. As far as I am concern, I use to take instant service anywhere in the world. Not only that, it also saves lot of time spent to get money from ATM. Therefore, to get merits of such schemes, sometimes I overrule my elders.

    All in all, in many course of action and the circumstances, I refuse to follow the path recommended by Parents and usually try to live the life in my own way. Many a times, in difficult situation, I become the victim too, but still I learn a new lesson every time.

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    Re: Compare and contrast your way of life with that of your parents

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