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    In your opinion, what is one of the major problem in the world today, Discuss some of

    In Today’s World, There are many problems like war, job crisis, natural disasters and rapid increase in population. Mainly these problems are the results of the human being for the sake of their personal essential needs. In my opinion, “Natural disaster” is one of the crucial factor and also very dangerous to the world too. There are many Natural disasters, which we had seen during last decades such as water floods, earthquakes, storm and fires in the forests.

    The main reason behind these is nothing but the unbalance created on the environment of the earth and the surrounding atmosphere. Moreover, the people living on this earth are the main cause of these ups and down in environment. Human being living on the earth has various essential needs from the earth and the nature such as vegetables and trees, petroleum products, water, oxygen from the atmosphere and many more. All these are consumed by the human beings in their daily routines. However, over utilizing of Natural resources creates the unbalance between the requirement of people and the environment.

    We must think about the solution to reduce the unbalancing over the world and hence the Natural disasters. There are many possible solution to which may help to overcome the current condition of the earth and environment. Very primary solution is that, we must gather to support the researcher who has been working in the different countries to resolve the problems. There will be great part of ours if we just follow the primary instruction published in the news papers and magazines and also telecasted to the various channel like discovery, national geographic and many more to reduce to certain level. We can also minimise it by making less use of the natural resources like petroleum, water, trees and various others, which can alter the nature.

    All above solution may lead to the minimise the one of the major problem like “Natural disaster” of the world. With the combined efforts of the expert researcher and our support to them can make it possible to reduce such up-down to great extent. All the research observed during last few years suggest to make minimum usage of the natural resources which is the major cause of the unbalanced of the environment. Various alternative resources may be helpful and replaces the natural resources which are available to us.

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    Re: In your opinion, what is one of the major problem in the world today, Discuss som

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