Do you agree or disagree with the statement?
People will spend less time cooking and preparing food in twenty years.

In our fast changing society, cooking and preparing food are regarded as a time-consuming activity. However, they would not go extinct like dinosaurs. Quite the opposite, people will actually devote more time and greater effort to cooking and preparing food in the future.

The increasing concern about health should be one vital reason. Currently, people not only focus on their salaries, but give higher priority to their health. Thus, it is no wonder that food, which is the most immediately connected with the health than others, would deserve giant concern. For example, these years, survey results consistently shown that the growing number of people, even though they are busy with their mounting workload, would like to cook by themselves more than once per day, largely because in this case, the hygiene of food is well controlled and the nutrition of food is the most appropriate for cooks themselves.

Another supporting rationale for this view comes from the psychology and emotion. It's not inconceivable that cooking and preparing food are a superb approach to communicating and cooperating with family members, which can strengthen family ties efficiently. Because of this function, millions of people who cherish their family or attempt to amend their domestic relationship will cook and prepare food for their family as often as possible. One convincing example is the success of the Family Meal Campaign. In last decades, some far-sighted organizations and individuals positively advocated the benefit of family meal, which requires the food to be cooked by family members themselves. Gradually, more and more people, no matter how hectic they are, are aware of the significance and naturally tend to cook and prepare food. According to this tendency, I really don't see anything can hinder people enjoying more time on cooking in the future.

The increasing available leisure time should be another stimulation. Some people don't cook not because they are lazy or lack the ability of cook, but should be attributed to that are too busy to do that. Fortunately, along with the ceaseless development of technology, contemporary people have had - and will continue to have - more leisure time than ever before. This can facilitate that people dedicate more time to cooking. In the same time, the advanced equipment, the wide variety of food, all are tempting and attract people to enjoy the process of cook.

Therefore, the concern of health issue, the function of consolidating family ties, and the increasing available leisure time are all compelling justifications for that people will devote more time to cooking and preparing food in the future.